Cascading Python configuration from the CLI and multiple config files.

cascade-config simplifies handling multiple configuration sources, such as config files, command line arguments, or even simple dictionaries. Configuration sources can be added one-by-one and will be parsed in hierarchical order, with each new source updating the existing configuration.


Install with pip

pip install cascade-config


Multiple configuration sources can be added to a cascade_config.CascadeConfig object. When parsed, each configuration will be added in hierarchical order and update the existing configuration. The result is a single dictionary containing the cascaded configuration.

from cascade_config import CascadeConfig

# Setup CascadeConfig instance with JSON schema for validation
cascade_conf = CascadeConfig(validation_schema="config_schema.json")

# Add default and user configurations in cascading order

# Parse the configuration files into a dictionary
config = cascade_conf.parse()

See Usage for more information and examples.


Bugs, questions or suggestions? Feel free to post an issue in the issue tracker or to make a pull request! See Contributing for more info.


See Changelog.